The Crimson Face

Horror Stalker and Nethermancer


The Crimson Face is a Horror Stalker and Nethermancer who prowls the kingdom of Throal, searching for Horrors and Horror Taint and disposing of it by any means necessary. Her somewhat draconian methods have earned her no small amount of enmity within the kingdom, as she believes that Horrors and their servants should be slain on sight, and passes sentence on her judgments with hesitation or mercy. Others see her as a hero, however, and support her and her actions quite vocally in the bars and taverns of Throal. The Face, however, does not care what the people think. For her, all that matters is the hunt.

The Crimson Face is clearly female, and is probably either an elf or a human. She wears a red agate mask at all times which covers her entire face, and her long hair prevents her ears from being easily seen. Where she lives, how she makes her living, all these are unknown. It is known that she is at least friendly to Tannith, but the extent of their relationship is a matter of conjecture.

When Nazeer returned from the dead and made his way back to Throal, The Face accosted him as soon as he walked in. She let him go only because she sensed no Horror Taint on him, but has watched him carefully ever since.

Despite the fact that she would be a powerful ally, she has expressed no interest at all in joining forces with any other Horror hunting organization or group, nor has she ever been seen outside Throal or Bartertown. Isam Derr regards her as a criminal and miscreant, mostly because of her alleged “assaults” on members of the Hunters of Throal. Technically speaking, she is wanted by the Royal Guard, but most members of the guard are either loathe to face her in combat, or they support her efforts to keep Throal safe from the Horrors.

The Crimson Face is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale.

The Crimson Face is from the Throal sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA games.

The Crimson Face

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