The Maylum Spirit

Tortured Soul


The Maylum Spirit is the ghost of a young girl, tortured to death by the Theran mages occupying the waystation of Maylum in the Caralkspur Mountains of Vivane Province.

In the years before the Scourge, the occupants of Maylum waylaid travelers and used them in their horrible experiments on the nature of life, in an effort to create new life forms to serve the Theran Empire. Dozens of innocent Name-givers were captured and subjected to horrific tortures, mutilations and finally death before the experimenters abandoned the tower just before the Scourge. During the Scourge, a Horror came upon the place and reveled in the lingering impressions in the place. It captured and animated the spirits, forcing them to relive their tortures to feed it’s evil hungers.

After the Scourge, the Horror remained in the tower and forced it’s ghosts to attract and capture any wanderers foolish enough to take shelter within. Not all the spirits were fully controlled by the Horror, however, and those that were free tried to warn travelers away. The most precocious of these was the spirit of a little girl, who tried to convince the Passion’s Champions to leave the tower before night fell. They did not listen, and battled their way to the basement while being beset by the illusions of the ghosts and the influence of the Horror. They finally defeated it, and the Maylum Spirit thanked them for their freedom, apologising for the illusions by saying “We just wanted someone to know what happened to us.”

The Maylum Spirit is portrayed by Abigail Breslin.

GM Commentary:

Maylum and it’s concept was stolen from GURPS, but the image of the “helpful” child ghost is a universal one. And Abigail Breslin creeped me the hell out in Signs.

The Maylum Spirit

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