The Nameless One

Custodian of the Library of Legends


The Nameless One is the custodian of the Library of Legends, buried beneath the ruins of Emmerlich in the ancient Human Kingdom of Landis. His title comes from the fact that no Name will stick to him, which has granted him both gifts and burdens. He is immune to the effects of aging, although he appears to be around 60 years of age. He has never been seen to eat or drink, but he never seems to need to. His only purpose seems to be reading all of the books in the Library, and guiding those who seek knowledge from it.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered The Nameless One when they discovered the Library while searching the ruins of Emmerlich looking for the Invae portal hidden within. They have returned regularly to seek advice or wisdom from the Library or it’s eternal keeper. When the Iopans discovered the library, they beat and restrained the librarian when he refused to help them. He was rescued by Nazeer, who freed him and hid him in the stacks in the distant reaches of the library.

The Nameless One is portrayed by Ian McKellen.

The Nameless One

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