Iopan Scout and Assassin


Theronius was an Iopan Scout Adept sent by the Denairastas clan to intercept the Passion’s Champions when they sought out a lost treasure trove that belonged to the Great Dragon Vasdenjas.

Theronius was aware of the PC’s reputation, and had no intention of facing them in a head-on fight. He intended to exploit every possible angle he could in preventing them from reaching the jungle ruins first. He poisoned their food, ambushed them, set traps and snares for them, and fired poisoned arrows from distant vantage points, escaping before they arrived to confront him. He and his men pursued them from a relatively safe distance throughout the Servos Jungle, harrying them at every opportunity and doing all they could to remain unseen.

Finally, the Passion’s Champions arrived at the ruin ahead of Theronius and his men, so he decided to let them brave the traps and dangers within and simply take what they found when they came out. When they did come out, he tried to convince them to simply surrender – he had nearly two dozen men at his back, and the PCs had had no luck stopping them on the way in, so they would not survive the trip back out. However, Theronius did not count on Rosper intervening and eliminating his men singlehandedly, and he finally fell in battle with Nazeer outside the ruins.

Theronius is portrayed by Ray Park.

GM Commentary:

Theronius was an experiment of sorts for me. The guys were getting very good at defeating any encounter they had, so I wanted to throw a bad guy at them that they could not fight, or would have a very hard time fighting. The first half of that encounter was Theronius and his men, pursuing them through the jungle. They spent most of the time watching for traps and rolling to resist poison, and almost no time actually fighting, which was new for them.

Once Theronious was dead, I continued with this theme by having the jungle itself rise against them, making them weary with their burden, and having them contract diseases. They still remember that adventure as one of their least pleasant, as they could not just swing a sword or cast a spell and bring all the unpleasantness to a stop.


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