Thom Hammerblade

Dwarven Weaponsmith


Thom Hammerblade is famous adventuring adept from the Kingdom of Throal. He has been adventuring nearly since the gates of Throal were opened, and is known across Barsaive as a great hero. King Varulus III, and later King Neden both sought to gain his allegiance as a representative to the rest of Barsaive, and he has gladly taken up the banner of Throal as he travels.

His adventuring company, Thom’s Adventurers, numbers around 25-30 members depending on when he is encountered. Adepts from around the country vie for the chance to join Thom’s Adventurers because of the tremendous prestige and honor gained by simply being associated with him. Thom and his company have traveled across Barsaive and back, and also ventured into the Theran province of Vivane.

During the Iopan War, Thom and his company fought in the defense of Throal, most notably in the Battle of Bartertown. Thom himself is a confidant of King Neden’s, and Thom considers himself personally responsible for the defense of Throal.

Thom is portrayed by John Goodman.

Thom Hammerblade is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA games.

Thom Hammerblade

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