Trogu Dursha

Undead Ork Nethermancer of Causoban


Trogu Dursha was an Ork Nethermancer of House Antony, once renowned in the city of Causoban for their knowledge and mastery of magic. Before the Scourge, they did all they could to protect Causoban, but it was finally clear that the city was indefensible, and they took shelter in their kaers to weather The Long Night.

Trogu himself was born in the final generation in the kaers, and took to the study of magic naturally. When he finally left the opened kaer and journeyed back to Causoban, he was shocked to see it fallen to it’s corrupted state. He swore then to work to restore his ancestral city to it’s former glory.

Unfortunately, Causoban’s corruption reached even deeper than he knew. When he discovered the source of the Horror and the city’s corruption, it drove him to madness and despair, and he died in the undercity. His spirit rose again, however, and wandered the streets as a wraith, striking fear into the already fearful residents.

When the Passion’s Champions entered the undercity, Trogu knew that they journeyed with a Horror in their midst. He followed them down to the very depths of the city, and when Ashura-Deva revealed himself and attacked, Trogu used his magic to aid the PCs in defeating the Horror, even saving Brimmel from death. He then guided the PCs out of the depths as the ruins crumbled around them, allowing them to escape the city alive.

Trogu Dursha is portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio.

Trogu Dursha is a character from the Causoban city setting written by Kevin Jones, and found published on the internet.

Trogu Dursha

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