Queen of the Undead City of Vivane


Twiceborn is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Undead, and has declared herself ruler of the City of Vivane. She originally resided with her court in the Eastern Catacombs of Parlainth, but when Vivane fell she chose to move her court there, and establish herself as a new ruler. She marched her people from one end of Barsaive to the other, and fought the Horrors and rebellious undead for possession of the city.

She has worked quite hard to establish her kingdom as a legitimate and peaceful member of the Barsavian community. She sent ambassadors to every nation in Barsaive, but they were all immediately slain and her kingdom renounced with one exception: Torgak remembered how she could have destroyed him when she left the city, but she did not. He alone was willing to extend limited hospitality to her ambassador, although under heavy guard.

Twiceborn has also tried to encourage trade with her city, offering the riches of Vivane to any who would come to trade with her. Few took her up on this offer, but those that did found that while the undead are distasteful, they are honorable in their dealings and expect the same in return. Twiceborn has also declared slavery illegal in her domain, and has sent her seneshal Lord Goerme to patrol the lands around Vivane against Theran slavers. This has earned her some grudging respect from Krathis Gron and King Neden, both of whom were rescued from their enslavement by the Passion’s Champions and the patrols from Vivane. The two leaders cannot openly endorse the undead, but they have quietly accepted that they will not act overtly against her.

When Twiceborn’s people were marching to Vivane from Parlainth, they were nearly destroyed by a fleet of Throalic airships until a Horror Cloud flew in from the west, covering the marching horde and defending them from fire cannon shots. When arriving in the city, Twiceborn found that the Horror-cursed kila at the center of the cloud was captained by a man who expected the undead in her court to bow to him, something she was not prepared to accept. What followed was a small-scale civil war, with Twiceborn and the Theran captain competing for control of the city’s dead. Eventually, Twiceborn overcame the Theran and ejected the Horror Cloud from her city.

When the Passion’s Champions were sent by Dvilgaynon to collect the Parabola of Arithonicus from the city, they were escorted to Twiceborn’s court and made their petition directly to her. She asked them for a service in return: one of her court had been murdered by his companions when they came to loot the ruins, and she wanted the murderers brought to justice in Throal, where they were from. After the Passion’s Champions completed this task, she told them she would present the Parabola to Dvilgaynon herself, who graciously agreed to meet the Queen.

Several years later, the Passion’s Champions returned to Vivane and met with Twiceborn and her advisers. While there, Brimmel became aware of the presence of Horrors in the vicinity. Upon investigating, he noted several Horrors hiding in astral space nearby which he identified as Gharmek, Horrors who fed not on fear or pain, but on revulsion and disgust. He quickly determined that the Gharmek were controlling Twiceborn and by extension her entire kingdom. After some consulting with Trostlos, they determined that the Gharmek, who are physically weak creatures, had moved their undead minions to Vivane to escape the greater threats in Parlainth, and attract more Name-givers to feed off the revulsion they feel at seeing the undead. What the Passion’s Champions will do with this knowledge in the future has yet to be determined.

Twiceborn is portrayed by Alice Krige.

Twiceborn is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA games.


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