Tyris Alstonius Medari

Theran Heavenherd and Valaria's Brother


Tyris was the eldest of Valaria’s siblings, and was discovered early in his life to have the gift of magic, much to his parent’s pride. He was barely present in Valaria’s young life, mostly because of his elevated status in Theran society and his limited involvement with the rest of his family.

Many years later, Tyris appeared in Marac as a mysterious masked magician trying to convince Trostlos to turn Valaria over to him for some mysterious purpose. Trostlos refused, but at that moment Hassan ibn-Sabbah’s assassins attacked and Trostlos was not able to find out exactly who he was dealing with.

Some time later, when exploring the Sanctum in Indrisia, the Passion’s Champions encountered Tyris again. He immediately froze time, trying to buy a few moments to speak to Valaria. She was not interested in surrendering to him however, and shattered the vial of Nothing she had gotten from Dio Brokenkeys across his head. The effect of releasing the Nothing in the magical realm caused a tremendous backlash, propelling most of the Passion’s Champions through astral space back to Parlainth and others back out into the real space of Indrisia. What happened to Tyris is unclear, but Valaria had dreams of him afterward, begging her not to go to Thera.

After the cataclysm, he appeared repeatedly as a “herald” of the Null, which was spreading through the Sanctum occupied by the Heavenherds as they pressed into Barsaive. Each time he appeared he uttered some dire warning, often before some terrible event occurred. With the sealing off of the Sanctum, Tyris has apparently vanished into it, his body and spirit completely lost to any mortal Name-giver.

Tyris is portrayed by Alec Baldwin.

Tyris Alstonius Medari

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