Ufgood Swarin

Dwarf Wizard


Ufgood Swarin was a Wizard Adept who lived in the small town of Hastoria. He aided the Passion’s Champions when they ventured into the town’s well to battle the Horror Hash-aa-gik. After it’s defeat, Hash-aa-gik appeared to be spreading it’s influence to the other residents. Ufgood quarantined them and tried to discover some method of breaking the Horror’s connection to them, but the Horror possessed a group of Ork Scorchers and laid siege to Ufgood’s home. Ufgood sent word to the Passion’s Champions asking for aid, and they journeyed back to Hastoria and defeated the Orks. However, Hash-aa-gik’s influence remained in the town, and Ufgood remained as well to try and root it out.

Some time later, after Nazeer had battled Hash-aa-gik in Throal, he journeyed back to Hastoria to learn what happened to Ufgood. He found the entire town gone, and the ground covered in what appeared to be white dust or ash. No trace was ever found of the gentle Dwarf.

Ufgood is portrayed by Judd Hirsch.

Ufgood Swarin

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