Horror & Father of Flametongue


Yrsgrathe is an ancient and powerful Horror that has visited the material realm many times in previous Scourges. He is powerful enough that simple pain and terror hold little satisfaction for him anymore, so he seeks more subtle ways to create the negative emotions he feeds on. During the more recent Scourge, he decided he wanted to understand Name-givers better, to better learn how to feed on their terror. To this end, he performed a variety of experiments and bizarre acts on Name-givers. On a small farmstead in eastern Barsaive, he impregnated a Human woman whose husband was unable to give her a child. That child was Trostlos Blut-Tanzer.

As a child Trostlos suppressed his Horror nature, subverting it into a separate personality he Named Flametongue. In time, Yrsgrathe grew weary of Trostlos’ good nature and disowned him, working to bring Flametongue to the surface as the dominant personality. He hoped that once Flametongue had subverted and destroyed Trostlos, that Flametongue would take up the mantle of The White Kingdom and bring about a new Scourge. With the enlightenment of Trostlos and the death of Flametongue, Yrsgrathe has given the title over to another human, Malothales The Damned.

When Malothales was finally slain by the Passion’s Champions, Yrsgrathe fled to the city-plane of Union. The Passion’s Champions confronted him there, and Trostlos bound him with a spell, leaving him to be captured by a Planeswalker.

Yrsgrathe is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA games.


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