Elven Swordmaster


Yuriel was born into the Circle Path Company, and as eldest child she inherited the position of Head of House. However, she had no interest in managing the house and preferred to be an adventuring adept, following her Swordmaster Discipline. She therefore abandoned her position and left to travel Barsaive, leaving the management of her house to her brother Remiel.

Yuriel and her group journeyed to the ruins of Parlainth, and discovered a temple to the Mad Passion Vestrial. When battling the Questors, part of the underground temple collapsed, killing most of her group and trapping Yuriel and her companion Toeth behind the collapsed stone. When Remiel realized she had been missing too long, he hired the Passion’s Champions to enter the ruins and rescue her. Freed from the ruins, she and Toeth fought alongside the PCs repel the remaining Questors and escape the city.

Yuriel continued adventuring with Toeth for a while, until she encountered Nazeer again during the Week of Heroes. She seduced Nazeer at a celebration to Astendar, and several weeks later found she was pregnant. She retired from adventuring then, and returned home to her family estates to raise her son Adam.

Yuriel is a doting mother, and finds that she now enjoys the new challenge of keeping up with her precocious and energetic little boy. She knows that Adam is a Great Elf like his father, which both worries and encourages her. It’s a comfort to know that little in the world can harm or kill your child, but danger and intrigue seem to follow Great Elves wherever they go, and being Nazeer’s son means he might be vulnerable to Nazeer’s enemies as well.

Yuriel still has strong feelings for Nazeer, but has told him she does not want to marry him nor does she expect or need him to marry her. She knows that his nature is not given to settling down, and she is also very much aware of Valaria’s feelings for Nazeer. She knows she will never be as close to him as Valaria will, and has no desire to disrupt whatever careful emotional balance exists with the three of them, and within the Passion’s Champions.


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