Zarass Icethought

Ork Questor and Avatar of Dis


Zarass Icethought was an Ork Cavalryman in the Nation of Cara Fahd. She led a group of Orks exploring in the jungles at the heart of the nation, looking for ruins and relics of the ancient kingdom. When she found the citadel of Tirthon, however, she found more than she bargained for.

Tirthon had been the site of a great battle between Name-givers, and also between the Passions Lochost and Dis. When Zarass arrived at the site, she was overwhelmed by the power of Dis and possessed by Dis’ corrupting influence. She chained those Orks of her group that would not obey her, and set the others to performing mindless tasks, like counting rocks or stacking leaves.

When the Passion’s Champions arrived in Tirthon, Zarass was lost to Dis’ influence and she fully embodied the Mad Passion in the flesh. She argued Dis’ position to the other Passions, but when she was rebuffed by them she flew off to Thera in a rage, swearing to return to Barsaive as a conqueror.

Zarass went to Thera and began to spread the worship of the Mad Passion she embodied thoughout every aspect of Theran society. In time she gained access to the highest eschelons of society, spreading the influence of Dis worship throughout the Empire.

The upshot of this was that slavery became a much more important part of the Theran economic structure. Trading in slaves became not only a means to make a living, but an act of devotion to the “unofficial” state religion. The lives of slaves also became much harder, as less valuable slaves were actually broken down and “reduced” to make feed for stronger or more valuable slaves, maximizing profits for the slave traders.

When the Passion’s Champions returned to Thera with Valaria to free the Great Isle, Valaria confronted and battled Zarass in the streets during the rebellion. Zarass used the power of Dis to shield herself from Valaria’s attacks with the bodies of dominated Name-givers, eventually combining them into a colossal giant. The Colossus began attacking the Passion’s Champions, grabbing buildings and hurling them at the PCs. Finally, it made the mistake of grabbing and breaking off one of the Orichalcum pillars on the Great Isle, causing a massive magical backlash felt around the globe.

When the Sphinx activated and destroyed the Great Isle, Zarass and the Colossus she controlled were consumed in the destruction. She has not been heard from since.

Zarass is portrayed by Michelle Rodriguez.

Zarass Icethought is from the Cara Fahd sourcebook for Earthdawn 1st Edition by FASA Games.

Zarass Icethought

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