Phylinius Goldstar

Human Troubadour, Swordmaster, and Chosen of the Passions


Phylinius Goldstar was born in the village of Samsara, and grew up with his best friends Nazeer and Buulgath. When the village was leveled by the Therans, Phylinius learned the Troubadour Discipline from Jacob Stonebender. After the deaths of their mentors, he began adventuring throughout Barsaive with Nazeer and Buulgath and the rest of the Passion’s Champions.

In the Forgotten City of Parlainth, Phylinius was killed by a Horror Construct, but mysteriously found himself in the Halls of the Passions. There, the Passions informed him that he was their Chosen, and gave him a special task: heal the Mad Passions of their madness, and bring them back to the light. They then restored him to health and returned him to the ruined city. With their guidance, Phylinius began to seek out the Songs of the Passions. As he learned each song, he gained the ability to inspire his allies with the power of each Passion, bringing them closer to the ideals of each. As he traveled, he also adopted the Swordmaster discipline.

When the Passion’s Champions encountered Tyris Medari in the Heavenherd’s Sanctum in Indrisia, Phylinius and Illusandra were tossed back into real space while the others were “snapped” across the Netherrealms and landed in Parlainth. Phylinius has chosen for the time being to remain in Indrisia and aid the slave resistance there, with the aid of Illusandra and Valaria’s brother Carath.

Phylinius is portrayed by Matt Damon.

GM Commentary:

Phylinius is a central character of the story, but when Bob dropped out of the game I didn’t want to change the story, so I moved him to the background. Fulfilling his destiny as the Chosen of the Passions will bring the game to a close.

Phylinius Goldstar

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