Buulgath Ghosttouched

Troll Nethermancer


Buulgath Ghosttouched grew up in Samsara with Nazeer and Phylinius. The son of the town butcher, he grew up with an in-depth understanding of the internal workings of bodies, and his natural curiosity made him a perfect candidate to learn the Nethermancer Discipline from Obrulon after the destruction of Samsara. Buulgath journeyed with Nazeer and Phylinius after the Battle of Sky Mountain, until the group ventured to Parlainth for the first time and had an audience with Charcoalgrin. Charcoalgrin tasked him with a mysterious job for her, one that was dangerous enough that Buulgath felt he could not endanger his friends with it, and after leaving them a note explaining as much, he vanished into the ruins of Parlainth.

He was not encountered until some time later, when Trostlos encountered him in Haven, though his features were hidden by a heavy robe. Eventually, the group encountered him one last time, in the ruins of the city of Emmerlich in the ancient Kingdom of Landis. Here it was revealed that he had been possessed by an Invae Spirit, who used his form to open a portal to the Invae’s home plane. The Invae informed the group that Buulgath was gone, his personality completely subsumed by the possessing spirit, and to prove the point he ripped away Buulgath’s flesh revealing the spirits true form underneath, and then stepped through the portal.

The Horror Ashura-Deva pretended to be Buulgath, somehow raised from the dead by a Horror, leading the group to near disaster in the undercity of Causoban.

Buulgath is portrayed by Alan Rickman.

GM Commentary:

Buulgath was Mitch’s character, one of the original three we started this game with. Eventually, Mitch went off to college in Ft Collins and dropped out of the game, so Buulgath got his “mission from Charcoalgrin” and disappeared. I ended up killing off Buulgath to demonstrate not only the incredible dangers of Parlainth, but also as a way of marking the resurgence of the Invae. It also added a certain tragic feel to the game, to have Nazeer & Phyl lose thier childhood friend in such a horrible fashion, which helped the deception I perpetrated with Ashura-Deva all the more.

Buulgath Ghosttouched

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