Nonrock Nehem

Revenant Obsidiman Warrior & Champion of Raggok


Nonrock Nehem was a member of the Nehem liferock brotherhood, living peacefully with his brothers on the land surrounding their liferock in the years preceding the Scourge. One day, a Human approached them and asked to live among them, to learn of their ways. After some long debate among themselves, the brotherhood agreed to his request, as long as he lived in peace with them. For some time he did, but eventually the Human betrayed the brotherhood, murdering several of the Obsidimen and fleeing into the night. His volcanic anger roused, Nonrock swore to pursue the Human and have vengeance for his brothers, vowing that he would not speak until he had fulfilled his grim oath. Thus began Nonrock’s long spiral down the road of revenge.

For decades, Nonrock pursued the Human throughout Barsaive, but it seemed some foul power always allowed him to escape, and gave him strength when he most needed it. As word of the coming Scourge began to spread, Nonrock slowly realized that his quarry was gaining aid from a Horror, and must have been marked for some time. But the stubbornness of Obsidimen is legendary, and Nonrock continued his relentless pursuit.

In time, it became clear that he would have to take shelter from the Scourge somehow, as he could not continue fighting off the coming Horrors forever. He chose to shelter in the citadel of Iopos rather than hide in an underground kaer. While in the citadel, he fought off those few Horrors that breached the magical protection, but in time his efforts came to be overshadowed by a greater power: the Denairastas clan. The powerful mages began their own battles against the Horrors, destroying them or driving them back with overwhelming magical firepower. Nonrock attempted to form an allegiance with them, but was repeatedly rebuffed. Finally, doing some investigation of his own, he found that they were engineering the Horror attacks, or in some cases fabricating them to make themselves look even better. However, before he could go to the leaders of Iopos with this knowledge he was subdued by the Denairastas, and imprisoned below ground where he slipped into torpor.

While he slept, the Denairastas completed their takeover of the city, and the Scourge ended. In time, as the Denairastas clan continued their magical experimentation, they used Nonrock as a guinea pig, attempting to magically alter his memories to make him loyal to their cause. The result of this repeated experimentation left his memories fragmented and his pattern destabilized. Eventually, due to carelessness and arrogance on the part of his captors, Nonrock managed to escape the city and flee south. However, his troubles continued. The damage done to his memory meant that he was unable to remember his purpose for more than a few days. Over and over, he would remember what had happened to him, turn back to Iopos to take his revenge, and forget again while traveling back. Eventually, he found himself wandering the land aimlessly, bereft of purpose and memory, looking for something to attach himself to. Eventually, he received a missive from the Passions: a Human Troubadour Named Phylinius Goldstar needed his aid. He found Phylinius in Landis, and began journeying with the Passion’s Champions.

As he traveled with the PCs, he found his memory and his power stabilized greatly. He could not recall much of his previous life, but he remembered his oath of silence and his desire for revenge, although he could not remember who he wanted revenge against. The Great Dragon Dvilgaynon performed a spell to re-stabilize his pattern, recovering some of his memories and lost abilities. As the group encountered the Denairastas more and more, Nonrock began to remember his desire for revenge against them, though he didn’t yet remember why.

All his thoughts of vengeance and death attracted the attention of the Mad Passion Raggok, who sent his followers to tempt Nonrock. They promised to give him information on the Denairastas, in exchange for services done for them. Before Nonrock had a chance to act on these offers, however, he was trapped in a burning house in Ravenholm by the Invae and finally fell in battle.

He awoke in a strange cavern, his dead body laying on a stone alter to Raggok although he was still awake and aware, trapped within his flesh. Raggok appeared before him then, promising him power, power enough to take any revenge he wanted, as long as he swore service to the Mad Passion. Broken and beyond madness, Nonrock swore to serve Raggok and arose as a Revenant, animated by Raggok and granted tremendous strength and power. His first command? Slay the Passion’s Champions.

At this point, Barsaive was in the grips of war, and the Denairastas were extending their power across the land. Nonrock quickly learned that the PCs were fighting for Iopos now, making his desire for revenge even greater. At Raggok’s direction, he began to infect Name-givers with a maddening disease, causing them to be overcome with rage and aggression, and spreading the disease through physical contact. As the Reavers grew in number, Nonrock began acting against all the elements of the ongoing conflict, taking advantage of the chaos and destruction of the war to dramatically increase the number of Reavers. Finally, he gathered the full strength of his forces and laid siege to the city of Jerris, right as the Passion’s Champions were attempting to infiltrate and undermine the Iopan power structures there. Nonrock finally re-encountered the Passion’s Champions then, but was struck down by Sigurd and Nazeer and left in the chaos. Raggok had planned for just such a result, however, and in time Nonrock found himself restored, his power even greater than before.

After the fall of Thera and murder of Thystonius and Lochost, Raggok again ordered Nonrock to attack, this time laying siege to the kingdom of Throal. Nonrock was rebuffed and slain more than once by Throal’s defenders, but each time rose again, the power of his burning desire for revenge against his killers making him stronger each time. When the Passion’s Champions returned to Throal, they battled Nonrock again, and this time only barely defeated him. It is yet to be seen when Raggok will choose to raise his Champion again, and continue his quest for revenge…

GM Commentary:

Nonrock was originally Shiloh’s character. Shiloh wanted to play a giant powerful Obsidiman Warrior and kick lots of butt, which was good because the group kind of lacked a front-line fighter type. Shiloh also created his vow of silence and his memory loss, which is a bad thing to give to a devious GM like myself. I decided to use Nonrock as the group’s direct connection to Iopos, gradually allowing Nonny to rememeber what he had experienced.

Shiloh played Nonrock as a very angry character, constantly ranting about wanting revenge against this or that person. Despite warnings from the other players and from the GM about attracting Raggok’s attention, he continued so I decided that it would create some fun tension within the group and some good roleplaying experiences. I started having Raggok’s Questors make contact with Nonny quietly, making promises in exchange for services. Before we could really get that started however, Shiloh had to drop out of the game. I had Nonny die in a questionable fashion and integrated him into my growing collection of NPCs.

Nonrock is a character that’s actually open to redemption, in theory. The PCs are strong enough now that they could “save” Nonny, guiding him back from the path he’s walking and possibly even restoring him to life. However, this would only be done if Shiloh wanted to come back into the game, which so far hasn’t worked out.

Nonrock Nehem

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