Illusandra Venehtari

Theran Windling Illusionist


Illusandra Venetahri was an Illusionist of House Medari. She was adventuring with a group in the desert south of Marac when she was captured by the Sarkrith and imprisoned. When the Passion’s Champions were also captured, she helped them escape and flee into the subterranean tunnels leading to Al-Amut.

She continued to adventure with the Passion’s Champions until they were separated in Indrisia, when Valaria attacked her brother Tyris with the vial of Nothing. Illusandra and Phylnius have remained in Indrisia, coordinating the underground resistance against the Therans with Valaria’s brother Carath.

GM Commentary:

When Jeff decided to have Brimmel leave the group, he did so partly because he wanted to play another class. He made Illusandra and gave her a good background, but in the end decided he wanted to go back to ol’ Brimmel and stick with a character he knew. I left Illusandra with Phylinius because Bob left the game around that time as well, and it was easier to justify them staying in Indrisia if they had a common purpose together.

Illusandra Venehtari

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