Dmitri Dvallin

Dvergar Leader


Dmitri Dvallin is the leader of a small village of Dvergar, the descendants of the ancient Dwarves of Scytha. The Passion’s Champions encountered Dmitri and his people when the ventured into the depths of Scytha in search of the Army of Scytha. When a group of Horrors attacked the village, the Passion’s Champions drove them off, and Dmitri guided the PCs to the great tunnel that lead deeper into the mountains, towards the Horror’s lair.

GM Commentary:

I wanted to put the dvergar in as background races in Scytha, and the small village needed a leader of some kind. The name Dvallin comes from Norse mythology, and the name Dmitri seemed to fit. The dvergar (and the trow) also originated in Norse and Scandinavian myths, making the name even more fitting.

Dmitri Dvallin

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