Hanuman The Monkey King

Lord of the Apes


Thousands of years ago, Hanuman was a simple gorilla living in the forests of Indrisia. When the Great Elves wished to make allies of the animals of the forest to stand against the forces of the Great Dragons, they constructed a city deep in the forest, and enchanted it to enhance the animals that lived there, granting them intelligence and great power. Some animals gained only small benefits from the power of the city, but others, like Hanuman, found their potential magnified a hundred fold. Hanuman gained tremendous strength and magical power as well as intelligence and deep wisdom.

Hanuman led the animals of the forest against the minions of the Great Dragons, fighting alongside the Great Elves that granted him strength. He mastered the arts of war, and was given a gift by the Great Elves – a magical staff that would grow to infinite length, and was impossible to break. In time however, the Great Elves war ended, and Hanuman was left in his forest, king of an unruly tribe. He has since taken on the protection of forest, especially against those who would awaken the ancient terrors of the Great War.

When the Passion’s Champions ventured into the forest to find Harish Bengali’s sister, they accidentally awakened a draconic construct. Hanuman lept from the forest and fought alongside them, eventually defeating it. The Passion’s Champions asked for his permission to venture to the city and rescue Harish’s sister, which Hanuman initially denied. He knew that since the Scourge the Horrors had taken up residence in the city, and he did not allow any creature to venture near it for fear they would be corrupted. Eventually, he relented and allowed the PCs to venture into the city, but forbade any animal from following them or aiding them.

GM Commentary:

Hanuman is the name of the monkey that aided the hero Rama in battling the demon king Ravana. This version includes a little bit of the legend of Sun Wukong, as well as my own Great Elf-style twist.

Hanuman The Monkey King

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