Great Dragon of Barsaive


The Great Dragon Mountainshadow is the oldest and most powerful Great Dragon in Barsaive. Thousands of years ago, he and Abbadon brokered the peace between the Dragons and the Great Races. An ancient and inscrutable being, he has taken an interest in the lives of the Name-givers of Barsaive in the long term, acting in many cases as a guardian or adviser. His Drakes Darktooth and Rosper usually enact his will in the world, as he rarely stirs from his lair.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered Mountainshadow during the Iopan War. He invited them to his lair, asking nothing in return but that they recount their dreams that evening to him. He then told them of the Weapon of Scytha, created by the ancient Dwarf kingdom with a mind towards conquering Barsaive after the Scourge. The key to the Weapon was lost, however, but he knew who had last seen it – the Great Dragon Vasdenjas. Unfortunately, Vasdenjas was long dead and many of his secrets had died with him. Mountainshadow decided then to send the Passion’s Champions back in time to a point where Vasdenjas was still alive, and deliver a message to him. The spell was successful, and the Passion’s Champions were able to recover Foehammer from agents of the Great Dragon Earthroot, who had received the scepter from Vasdenjas. Mountainshadow was also present at the death of Denairastas, as was his brother Icewing.

He remains in his lair in the Dragon Mountains of Barsaive.

Mountainshadow is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA games.


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