Ravana is a Horror that dwells in an ancient Great Elf city in the depths of the Indrisian jungle. It rules the city by virtue of it’s powerful intellect and directs the actions of the Horrors that live there.

Ravana was mysteriously generous and benevolent to the Passion’s Champions when they made their way to the city to rescue Harish Bengali’s sister. The other Horrors of the city were strangely docile as well, and eventually Nazeer put the pieces of the puzzle together: the city was built by the Great Elves in an effort to make allies of the creatures of the jungle. It granted them increased intelligence and cognizance, while taming their wild natures and making them “civilized”. This was the same effect that granted Hanuman his increased intelligence as well. During the Scourge, the Horrors encountered the long-deserted city and fell under it’s influence as well, becoming milder and more civilized. Being creatures of chaos and madness, however, civilization did not entirely agree with them and they either wandered the streets aimlessly or performed random actions with no specific goals or intent. By it’s nature Ravana found itself ruler of a city of the insane, with insanity being entirely relative.

After rescuing Harish’s sister from the city, the Passion’s Champions left Ravana’s city without incident, and made their way out of the jungle.


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