The King



The King is a Horror that feeds on the anguish of sacrifice. During the Scourge, it made it’s way into a kaer and possessed one of the inhabitants. The other residents were marked and made to believe that the possessed victim was their King, and that only the King could keep them safe. Throughout the years of the Scourge, the residents were called upon to make horrible gory sacrifices of their loved ones, in order to protect the rest of the kaer from the Horrors. Only The King could protect them, they were told, and The King required sacrifices.

The Passion’s Champions encountered The King when they found a map with an unexplored kaer, and decided to explore it. They found that the seals on the doors were not intact, but the kaer’s inhabitants fought them back anyway, each crying out “Protect the King!” Nothing they could do or say could convince the residents that they were not Horrors. Eventually, they fought their way into the kaer, where they witnessed a father sacrifice his own child on an alter to The King, and they were suddenly whisked back outside the door, and found the door closed again.

Sneaking in again, they made their way stealthily to The King’s throne room, and found a Name-giver shaped being whose face and head had been twisted upwards, the flesh and bone warped to make it appear that he wore a crown on his head. They battled the Horror to the death, and it’s body turned to ash when it fell, leaving only the bone crown. Nazeer collected this as a trophy, although that later turned out to be a mistake as The King was able to mark him through it, and attempted to possess him. The Nethermancer Tannith removed the mark, freeing Nazeer from it’s influence.

The King

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