Elf Thief and Horror Stalker


Karma is a Thief Adept from the city of Travar. She grew up as the child of an innkeeper, who was also a supporter of the resistance against the Iopan occupation. Karma’s father was killed along with much of the resistance when the alternate Nazeer attacked them during a meeting and burned the inn down, leaving Karma orphaned and homeless.

Having no other options, Karma settled into a dark corner of the ruins of her former home and started learning to steal to feed herself. The Thief Discipline came quickly to her, and her natural cunning helped her survive in the worst parts of Travar.

After the war, Karma journeyed to Barsaive for The Week of Heroes. When Nazeer Narinian announced that he would sponsor a scavenger hunt for budding Scout Adepts, Karma decided she would enter and win. Her tactic was successful – she waited for the other groups to gather the required items, and then stole them all and presented them to Nazeer in front of the other groups the next day. Impressed with her audacity, Nazeer declared that while she had not followed the rules of the competition, she deserved a prize nonetheless. When Nazeer asked what she wanted, she said she wanted to adventure with him for a year and a day. Nazeer accepted, and six months later Karma joined the crew of the Eternal Vigilance.

Karma was not the most pleasant companion aboard the ship. Talking to Karma was often like talking to a sulking teenager, adding to the impression that she was younger than the rest of the crew. She seemed to expect that she was going to have to either steal or fight for anything she wanted, and when she was given something, be it a physical item or just respect from one Name-giver to another, she often seemed surprised, as though waiting for the other shoe to drop. She quickly developed a crush on Nazeer, and began to harbor a jealous streak against Valaria, who she decided was her romantic rival.

When the Passion’s Champions returned to Travar looking for the Chantrel’s pattern items, they journeyed back to the inn where Karma grew up. It was there that Karma’s past came out, and she revealed that it was Nazeer’s double that slew her family. She vanished after this revelation, unable to reconcile her love for and anger towards Nazeer. Finally, she confronted him on a rooftop in the rain and cried her eyes out on his shoulder, coming to terms with her feelings.

Before the PCs left to go to Thera, Karma ended her time with them early. She had clearly grown from her adventures with them, and seemed a far more mature person than when she started. After saying her goodbyes, she vanished into Bartertown. After the PCs returned from Thera, they found Karma working closely with The Crimson Face, or as closely as anyone ever does. After her brush with Chantrel’s Horror, she decided to adopt the Horror Stalker Discipline like her hero, Nazeer Narinian.

Karma is portrayed by Neve Campbell.

GM Commentary:

Karma is another of those characters who were meant for small parts and ended up taking on a life of their own. I intended her for the small piece in the Week of Heros, and then Nazeer asks her what prize she wants, and she starts speaking up in my head. The character kind of developed on her own after that, and her story came to me as she played more and more with the group. In the end, I find it very difficult to manage a full NPC as well as run an entire game world, so I retired her to the background once her story was revealed to the group. She has turned into a kind of Robin to the Crimsons Face’s Batman, so we’ll see if that leads anywhere.


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