Captain Guiseppe Romano

Talean Air Sailor and Captain of the Eternal Vigilance


Captain Guiseppe Romano is the captain of the Eternal Vigilance, the airship owned by the Passion’s Champions. He was referred to the PCs by Captain Hanso K’tanga of The Heart of Gold, and has proven to be every bit as capable and competent as she promised.

Captain Romano hails from the Theran province of Talea. He was “adopted” by Captain K’tanga during her travels there many years ago, and started his service to her as a lowly cabin boy. He quickly proved himself more than just an average ship hand when the crew fell afoul of a Theran slave trading vessel, and Guiseppe took up arms to defend the ship alongside the full crew members. During the battle, Captain K’tanga recognized the boy’s potential and began his training as an Adept. During the many years he traveled on The Heart of Gold, he used his Human versatility to learn other useful Talents, and focused on mastering as many languages as he could, including learning the Elemental Tongues talent to allow him to communicate with Air Elementals. His natural Human curiosity also drove him to learn everything he could about each new culture the crew visited, and he is an undisputed expert in the customs and traditions of every culture and race from Marac to Shosara, and several others to boot.

Captain Romano is a shrewd trader and businessman as well as a skilled Air Sailor. He knows the trading laws and customs of dozens of races and cultures around the world, and is established as a respected businessman in his own right within Barsaive and Vivane Province. He has worked closely with Sigurd and Brimmel on securing lucrative contracts to maintain the Vigilance’s crew and operating costs. He knows well that his cargo space is limited, so he focuses on the advantages offered by the Vigilance’s crew & owners – the best security silver can buy. He often arranges special transport for smaller, more valuable items rather than the bulk shipping that other airship operators pursue. He’s more likely to take on a chest full of Elemental Air kernels, or a rare and powerful Thread Item. The business is limited, but the margins are higher, and he often uses the reputation of the Passion’s Champions as a bargaining chip when raising the price on a deal.

Personally, Captain Romano is a rather private person. He worships the Talean Passion Prima, but gives respect to the other Passions of other lands, especially when in those lands. He does not discuss his devotion to Prima with anyone else. He is a strict taskmaster to his crew, but he is also generous and devoted to them, and Valaria has found that privately he worries more about them and their futures than he lets on, rather like an adoptive father. He is always deferential and professional with the Passion’s Champions, recognizing that they own the vessel he operates, and he takes care to defer to them when necessary and not to burden them when unnecessary.

With the rest of the Passion’s Champions, Captain Romano is always courteous and professional. He has never failed to follow through on a promise or a commitment he has made, and takes such promises very seriously. He has worked closely with Valaria, remodeling and outfitting the ship, and he also asked her to teach him the Eagle Eye Talent. After the Iopan War, he fought alongside her and the other PCs in Cara Fahd, battling the slavers of the Iron Legacy. He has great respect for Nazeer’s keen eye and knowledge of the land, and for Sigurd’s great strength. He did grumble at length when the Vigilance was outfitted with a forge, but has accepted it. He is polite to Trostlos, but tends to keep his distance from the Archmage. He does not enter into any of Trostlos’ dedicated sorcery or summoning spaces, instead sending another crew member if he needs him.

Captain Romano is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan.

GM Commentary:

Captain Romano exists so that the PCs don’t have to manage their own airship. There are some details that simply don’t belong in a high fantasy game, at least for the players. The extra details about the ships management were put in for Mitch, who started trying to control every single detail of the ship’s finances and who declared to me that the ship couldn’t afford to stay afloat and all the crew would desert…..schmuck. I made Romano a worshiper of Prima so that when the Passions get killed, he won’t be affected as he was not a worshiper of thiers, and thus the ship still has competent management. For some stupid reason, I can never remember his name in game….

Captain Guiseppe Romano

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