Barsavian Dragon stuck in Name-giver Form


Calderon is a Dragon, stuck in the shape-shifted form a Name-giver by an ancient curse. For hundreds of years, he has battled the worshipers of Verjigorm, the Hunter of Great Dragons. Before the Scourge, a clutch of his eggs were stolen from the Great Dragon that was nurturing them, and the Dragon was slain. Since that time, Calderon has been hunting those responsible for the theft of his eggs, attempting to recover them before they are corrupted by Verjigorm’s worshippers.

He was finally able to track the villans to an ancient Great Elf ruin in the Badlands of Barsaive. However, due to the still active defenses on the ruins, he was unable to enter himself, so he asked Nazeer and the Passion’s Champions if they would attempt the rescue for him. The PCs infiltrated and explored the ruins, but the hatchlings had already been corrupted, so they killed them in accordance with Calderon’s wishes. Heartbroken but still resilient in his desire to defeat the Cult of the Hunter, Calderon continues to roam Barsaive, searching out Verjigorm’s worshippers.

Calderon is portrayed by Charles Bronson.


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