Ancient Spirit


Thousands of years ago, an ancient being Named Nightbringer stood alone against the Horrors. Many legends have retold the tale of Nightbringer, although with the passing of millennia the legends have changed and blurred, and the truth of Nightbringer’s existence may never fully be known.

What is known is that Brimmel came across some of those legends, and decided to ask Nightbringer’s spirit to grant it’s blessing to his Heart Blade. He asked the mages of Shosara to perform a summoning, and Nightbringer answered, although not in the method Brimmel expected. In exchange for his gifts, Nightbringer asked a sacrifice of Brimmel, and removed his Lightbearer powers.

Years later, when Brimmel defeated his double in the streets of Jerris, Nightbringer manifested again and granted him the boon he asked, giving him a choice: choose the darkness, or choose the light. Brimmel chose the darkness, to better strike at his enemies from hiding. Nightbringer empowered the sword bearing his Name, and gave Brimmel the ability to hide from Horrors in plain sight and drain their magic from them.

Nightbringer has not manifested or been heard from since.

GM Commentary:

Nightbringer was an idea Jeff had on his own, and I decided to run with it. What he wanted was pretty huge for the time, and I didn’t want to discourage him from having good ideas and presenting them, but I needed to have more time to adjust what he wanted. I also used the sacrifice idea as a way of getting rid of the Lightbearer powers he had and give me time to rework them. I have never been satisfied with the Lightbearer powers from any version of ED, and I have created my own here. If Brimmel had chosen the light, Nightbringer’s Legacy would be a normal Heart Blade with no special powers, but Brim would be using the new LB rules I created and I would have probably let him crank them up to max right away. but as it was, he chose the darkness and got a freakin’ bad-ass sword.


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