Alexander Atreides

Theran Great Elf


Alexander Atreides is a Theran Great Elf who aspired to be Lord Abbadon’s Heir Incarnum. He served Abbadon for several centuries, although his aspirations took a turn after the Scourge when Abbadon began searching for someone to take on his name and position. Alexander willingly performed any task Abbadon asked of him, no matter how distasteful or difficult. He knew he was serving a madman, but he believed this was the best way for him to achieve his overarching goal: acquiring the noble station that would allow him to marry the girl he loved. To achieve this goal, Alexander would perform any task, knowing that the results would be worth it in the end.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered Alexander in Shosara, when he helped Abbadon kidnap Phylinius. He later appeared in Marac, fighting with a group of Adepts who were also fielding the Titans against the Azazelim encampment. Each time, he used his teleportation abilities to escape and fight another day. Finally, they encountered Alexander in the Court of the Trismagestis, where Abbadon confronted Nazeer and attempted to force him to become his Heir Incarnum. Alexander, not willing to lose the position to Nazeer, interrupted and challenged Nazeer to a duel. He lost, but Nazeer refused the title anyway, much to Alexander’s shock. Eventually, Alexander determined that the only way the title would be his would be to eliminate Nazeer himself. During the battle on the Great Isle before the cataclysm, Alexander and a group of Great Elves confronted Nazeer, but Nazeer struck him down in one blow thanks to the power of The Sword of Vargas. Wounded and near death, Alexander posed little real threat to Nazeer, who saw him as a fool serving a madman. Nazeer granted Alexander mercy, and he teleported to safety again.

During the Battle of Throal, Alexander kidnapped Nazeer’s son Adam, but intentionally left a trail for Nazeer to follow. He had lost faith in his former master, but was too afraid to confront Abbadon’s titanic power himself. When Nazeer tracked them down as he knew he would, he telepathically asked that if Nazeer could confront Abbadon, he would get Adam to safety. Nazeer agreed and began battling Abbadon, though Valaria took Adam from Atriedes and away to safety herself. While the Passion’s Champions desperately tried to defeat Abbadon, Sigurd and Trostlos convinced Atreides to join the fray, and he attempted to ambush Abbadon in the midst of the fight. His attempt failed, but when Abbadon turned his attention to slaying Atreides, he gave Nazeer the chance he needed to strike the killing blow and Abbadon was finally destroyed. After the battle, Nazeer offered to take Atreides and the other Great Elves into his care, but Atreides refused him, saying he was not yet worthy of Nazeer’s mercy. He vanished from the battlefield in Samsara, and has not been seen again.

Alexander is portrayed by Christian Bale.

GM Commentary:

Alexander first appeared in Shosara to remove Phylinius from the scene so that Bob could go to cooking school for several months. Because that scene was a direct rip-off of the Cloud City scene from Empire, the guys started referring to him as Boba Fett. I even called him that myself for a while until I decided on a name and a background for him. I threw him in in Marac to hint at Abbadon’s influence in the making of the Titans, and to give the guys a challenging encounter with a baddie I knew they wanted to slay.

Like Abbadon, I wanted to make him more than just a generic “bad guy”, and give him a compelling reason to do the things he does. When I finally explained his motivations to the gang, the look on their faces was worth it, and I think it was the real reason Alex decided to grant him mercy. Speaking as the character, Alexander was shocked at the power of the Sword of Vargas, and also at the mercy displayed by Nazeer. He is wise enough to recognize that Abbadon is a madman, but he now sees that Nazeer, despite being a “barbarian”, is a greater man than either of them. When the final conflict came into play, I saw the perfect opportunity to mirror the Emperor’s death in Return of the Jedi with Nazeer and Atreides, as Abbadon turned his full power onto his former servant. Ultimately, Atreides wishes to atone for his deeds in the past, and will probably not return to the story.

Alexander Atreides

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