Adam Narinian

Nazeer's Son and Heir to the Circle Path Company


Adam is the son of Nazeer and Yuriel. Like his father, he is a Great Elf and possesses tremendous magical potential. At the moment, Adam is 5 years old, going on 6, and has the interests of an average child of his age. However on more than one occasion he has both impressed and disturbed Nazeer, as he seems to be somehow more powerful than Nazeer is although Great Elves supposedly grow weaker the further in generation they are from their sire.

Remiel has chosen to adopt his sister’s child as his heir rather than adopt outside the family as is tradition. He has declared that Adam will have the full benefit of education and training before taking the reins of the trading company, and takes a personal hand in teaching his nephew everything he knows before his retirement in 70-80 years.

Adam idolizes his father, and insists that whenever he plays “Heroes and Horrors” with the other children, he be allowed to play as Nazeer. He also shows some potential to be a Swordmaster like his mother, although thus far he has only attacked the knees of the household servants with his toy sword. Nazeer is a devoted father, but is worried that Lord Abbadon might learn of Adam’s existence and abduct him. This fear came to pass during the Battle of Throal, when Alexander Atreides kidnapped Adam during the battle. Nazeer and the Passion’s Champions rescued him however, and Nazeer finally defeated Abbadon in single combat.

GM Commentary:

I put in Adam so I can play out the Luke/Darth Vader dynamic without compromising Alex’s control over his character. This has always been a central theme of Nazeer’s character concept, one I knew Alex enjoyed, but making it happen without railroading the players was a challenge. It’s also been interesting seeing Alex’s attitude towards Adam and his fears that Abbadon would kidnap him, which was always the plan of course.

Adam Narinian

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