Belashyrra, The Lord of Eyes



Belashyrra is a servant of The Architect of Flesh. He is the creator of the Beholders, and has a great deal of experience crafting new and terrible Horror Constructs to please and amuse his master.

The Passion’s Champions encountered Belashyrra in the depths of Braza’s Kingdom after the fall of Thera, where he was spawning new Horrors to attack Throal. Valaria’s Explosive Flame Arrows collapsed the cavern he was in, and a tremendous slab of rock fell on him, apparently crushing him. He was later seen again further into the depths of Braza’s Kingdom, near what appeared to be a former Trow settlement, the inhabitants reduced to a horrid liquid he was using to grow and breed new Horrors. In a conflict in the corridors leading to the settlement, the Passion’s Champions finally destroyed him.

Belashyrra is from the Eberron universe for Dungeons & Dragons by Wizards of the Coast.

Belashyrra, The Lord of Eyes

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