Lord Goerme

Undead Seneshal of Queen Twiceborn of Vivane.


Lord Goerme is the seneshal to Queen Twiceborn of the Undead Kingdom of Vivane. He has served her since her court resided in Parlainth, and is a capable commander and war leader.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered Lord Goerme when the undead were marching across Barsaive from Parlainth to Vivane. He spotted them following the march, and broke away with a few outriders to warn them away from the column. He impressed the PCs with his discipline and honorable bearing, enough that they obeyed his order and left the area.

They later encountered him again in the city of Vivane, where he acted as the chief of the city’s guards, as well as chief diplomat to any Name-givers visiting the city.

Lord Goerme is from the Barsaive in Chaos sourcebook for Earthdawn 2nd Edition by Living Room Games.

Lord Goerme

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