Horror-corrupted Great Dragon


The Great Dragon Vestrivian was the brother of Vasdenjas, and shared his brother’s thirst for knowledge. During the centuries of his life, he studied every form of magic available until only one remained: Horror magic. During the last Scourge, he invited a Horror called The Despoiler of the Land to possess him, that he might learn it’s secrets. The Horror, however, proved too powerful for him, and the two soon began battling for control of Vestrivian’s form. Realizing that he had become a danger to the world, he secluded himself away, wrestling eternally with The Despoiler.

During the Second Theran War, Vestrivian reappeared when the Horror Cloud left Stormhead Mountain and began moving towards Vivane. After the Theran kilas failed to stop it, he dove into the cloud and did battle with it. The cloud actually stopped then, for nearly an hour, and then resumed it’s course towards Vivane. Vestrivian never emerged from it.

Many years later, when The Passion’s Champions were attempting to reclaim Bartertown from the Reavers, Vestrivian appeared again and offered Nazeer an unusual bargain: he would give them information on the Horror’s movements and intentions, using his in depth knowledge to aid them. In exchange, he asked that Nazeer end his life once the knowledge was used, as he was uniquely equipped to do so. Nazeer agreed, although Vestrivian warned him that he might receive false information from the Despoiler, and to be wary of all advice given.


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