Arpin Lusène

Elf Thief and Troubadour


Arpin Lusène is known as an expert in misdirection and deception, proving that Illusionists are not the masters of this craft. He is renowned as a master storyteller, as well as for stealing from the pockets of his audience while he spoke. When convicted of taking the purses of 200 people while directly under their gaze, he was sent to Veribech, the Theran prison for Adepts. He was there less than two weeks, and according to legend managed to escape the prison with words alone and walked into the nearest town still bound and chained by the neck, only stopping to ask a blacksmith to free him.

When Navarim’s Legacy was commissioned by the Arbiter’s Office to track him down and recapture him, they instead recruited him and requested a full pardon. The pardon was granted, but only under the condition that he bend his extraordinary talents to the service of Thera, instead of the plunder of it’s wealthy citizens. Arpin agreed, and has been a loyal champion of Thera’s interests ever since, at least as far as anyone can tell.

Arpin was slain at the Battle of Throal in combat with the Passion’s Champions, along with the rest of Navarim’s Legacy.

Arpin Lusène

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