Bellamy Froud

Windling Archer


Little is known of the personal life of the Windling assassin Named Bellamy Froud. He began plying his “trade” on the Great Isle of Thera 40 years ago, and over the years gained both a devoted clientele and an impressive number of completed jobs. He was rumored to have been responsible for the deaths of more than 700 Name-givers during this time, most of them high-ranking Nobles and members of the great Theran houses. In time, simply the threat of his possible presence was enough to change the course of tense negotiations between the island’s wealthy, and it was rumored that some of his clientele paid him not to kill others, but to refuse any contract that might be taken out on them. Legend tells that he killed 14 members of House Narlanth who were in 3 seperate provinces under heavy guard by elite Adepts, all within the span of two hours. Skeptics have pointed out that no Name-giver, no matter how swift, could have traveled across 1700 miles inside of two hours, and still had time to be seen taking tea on the Great Isle afterward.

Bellamy was invited to join Navarim’s Legacy after he was given a contract on one of their former members, and he succeeded in fulfilling it. His success alone was enough to impress them, and he has since stepped out of the underworld of Thera and into the light as one of the Empire’s elite champions.

Bellamy was slain at the Battle of Throal in combat with the Passion’s Champions, along with the rest of Navarim’s Legacy.

Bellamy Froud

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