Milan S’lepicka

T'skrang Swordmaster


Milan S’lepicka is a member of an old established Theran family, a long line of swordmasters dating back to before the Scourge. Following in his families footsteps, he began to tour on the tournament circuit, fighting battles in every province in the Empire and rapidly growing in strength and fame. Eventually, he found that the tournament life bored him, and a long string of undefeated bouts was actually putting a strain on his pocketbook – no one would bet against him anymore, and his pride was too great to allow himself to lose intentionally.

Eventually, he joined an t’skrang adventuring group who was looking for lost artifacts and knowledge from before the Scourge in Vivane Province. They ventured into a network of ruins known as The Giant’s Maze in Vivane, and for many months were considered lost. After nearly a year, Milan returned to civilization alone, and almost immediately was invited to join Navarim’s Legacy. He has never spoken of what happened in the Giant’s Maze, or why he alone returned, but his companions have seen Milan appear to be in two places at once during battle, an ability that even Merlinus cannot explain.

Milan was slain at the Battle of Throal in combat with the Passion’s Champions, along with the rest of Navarim’s Legacy.

Milan S’lepicka

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