Pollux Telemachus

Troll Warrior


Pollux Telemachus was born to a low-ranking Theran family in Vasgothia, and learned his discipline and the arts of combat as a soldier in the Theran armies. In battle, he was a terror to behold, taking great pleasure in physical bouts of strength and arms. He eventually left the service, finding it limiting, and took up the life of an adventurer. During his travels, went to distant Cathay and learned the fighting styles of the Far East, adding their strengths to his own and making him and even more formidable warrior. Upon his return to the Empire, he was feted by several adventuring groups but finally accepted the invitation to join Navarim’s Legacy, intrigued by the power he would gain from the group pattern. He has repeatedly proven himself an invaluable ally, taking hits in battle that would knock a behemoth from the skies, and wading into combat to destroy the enemies of the Empire.

Pollux was slain at the Battle of Throal in combat with the Passion’s Champions, along with the rest of Navarim’s Legacy.

Pollux Telemachus

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