Thule Orea Linga

Human Nethermancer and Questor of Dis


Thule Orea Linga was born into a high ranking family within House Narlanth, the Theran house known for producing powerful magicians. At a very young age, she displayed a disturbing tendency towards sociopathic behaviors, but learned to control and direct her proclivities as she progressed in her schooling. Her teachers noticed she had a strong gift for Nethermancy, and she was placed in advanced study courses thanks to the influence of her parents and House Narlanth. When she graduated from the House’s training, she was already well advanced in the circles of her chosen discipline, and eager to explore the world and expand her personal power.

As she traveled with a variety of Theran adventurers, her knowledge and magical power grew by leaps and bounds. She quickly became known for achieving her ends regardless of the means, and once animated the fallen corpses of an entire “barbarian” village when her adventuring group was wiped out by a powerful magical creature. After that incident, she traveled mostly on her own, keeping spirits and summoned minions as her allies, and sometimes as her experimental subjects.

As her power grew, she attracted the attention of Navarim’s Legacy, and was eventually invited to join the group. She did so eagerly, finding that the high-powered adepts of the Legacy were strong and resilient enough to keep up with her. As a member of Navarim’s Legacy, she has spearheaded the effort to retake Barsaive to establish a new Thera after the destruction of the Great Isle and as before, will stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

Thule was slain at the Battle of Throal in combat with the Passion’s Champions, along with the rest of Navarim’s Legacy.

Thule Orea Linga

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