Great Dragon of the Mist Swamps


The Great Dragon Aban lives in the Mist Swamps of Barsaive, where she guards an ancient ruin from before the Scourge. Her sire, the Great Dragon Cloudtamer, was slain by the Therans before the Scourge, and she has stood as an eternal enemy of the Empire ever since. Aban does not allow Name-givers to explore her swamp, although she usually has them find their way back out rather than slaying any she catches, as Usun does. Aban is the absolute master of the swamps, and legend says she can manipulate it’s terrain at a whim, and can see through the eyes of any beast that makes it’s home there.

When Thule Orea Linga of Navarim’s Legacy sent the t’skrang of House K’Tenshin to scout her swamps for the ruins of Yrns Morgath, Aban took direct offense to this action and attacked K’tenshin’s floating city, leveling the entire structure and killing every member of the t’skrang house. The Passion’s Champions later determined that both Aban and Thule were duped by agents of the Mad Passion Vestrial, possibly by Kai the Betrayer himself.

Aban is from the Earthdawn 1st Edition main book by FASA Games.


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