Votanna the Gray Woman

Patron of the Crystal Raiders


Votanna the Gray Woman is the enigmatic patron of the Crystal Raiders of Barsaive. The various warring clans all bow to her knowledge and wisdom, and obey her directions without question. She appears only rarely to the Raiders themselves, but her appearance is considered a powerful omen. Unbeknownst to them, Votanna is a dragon that lairs in the Crystal Peaks, guiding her adopted people.

After the death of Thystonius, the Crystal Raider clans banded together to strike out against Thera, putting aside all former enmities in the name of defeating their ancient enemy. However, when they got close to Thera, they found that almost every Theran was dead from the cataclysm. They did encounter a behemoth attempting to make it’s way slowly to Vivane Province, and quickly overwhelmed the vessel with their combined might. When they had taken it, Votanna appeared to them and directed them in how to move it, turning it into a weapon against the remains of the Empire. She keeps the vessel moving with her own magical power, providing a home for her “children” while keeping them close at hand.

Votanna the Gray Woman

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