Nazeer Narinian

Great Elf Scout and Horror Stalker


Nazeer Narinian grew up in the small town of Samsara, in southwestern Barsaive. His father, a shepherd by trade, found the baby Nazeer abandoned in the wild and took him home to his wife. His adoptive parents gave him their family Name, and raised him in the Elven traditions of their home. He spent his childhood and adolescence learning to shepherd, roaming the wilds near his home exploring, and getting into trouble with his friends Phylinius and Buulgath.

When the Therans attacked Samsara and leveled it, Nazeer, Phylinius and Buulgath left with their mentors to pursue the calling of their Disciplines. When their mentors were killed by the Therans before the Battle of Sky Mountain, they began to follow their own path of adventure and exploration.

When Nazeer died battling the Horror Hash-aa-gik, his friends took him to Samsara and cremated his body in accordance with Elven tradition. However, he mysteriously woke up two weeks later, laying naked in a field and suddenly possessing the ability to see astrally, as a Windling or a Dragon does. He returned to his friends and continued adventuring, although the mystery of his resurrection continued to plague him.

When Nazeer was captured by Lord Abbadon’s forces in the Seraph Jungle in Vivane Province, Abbadon revealed the truth to him: Nazeer is a Great Elf, descended from the mighty Great Dragons and possessing more powers than he was aware of, including the ability to regenerate damage, project his thoughts into other’s minds, and travel instantly from place to place. Abbadon also revealed that he was Nazeer’s great-uncle, and that the dragon slaying sword Serpentsbane, which Nazeer wielded, was an heirloom of the great dragonslayer Vargas, who was Nazeer’s grandfather. Abbadon proceeded to demand that Nazeer submit to his rule, in exchange for eventually inheriting his power. Nazeer refused, and Abbadon cast him into the oubliette beneath The Executor. Nazeer escaped, due in part to the power of Flametongue, and continued his adventures.

As he traveled, he met more of his kin, and learned more of the great war between the Dragons and Great Races. He also learned that the island empire of Thera was originally founded by Great Elves, and was still secretly controlled by them as a redoubt against the dragon’s influence. In time, Nazeer has come to mistrust and hate those that would rule the world from the shadows with catspaws, be they Dragon or Great Elf.

In Shosara, Nazeer decided he wanted to pursue the Horror Stalker Discipline as well, and devote his immortal lifespan to driving Horrors from the world. His friend and ally Brimmel Troddenfoot inducted him into the Discipline, and he has pursued it with zeal since. He has also continued to progress as a Scout, using his stealth magic to grant himself powerful advantages in combat against his enemies.

During the Week of Heroes, Nazeer was seduced by the Elven Swordmaster Yuriel at a celebration devoted to the Passion Astendar. Yuriel grew pregnant after that encounter, giving birth to a son she Named Adam. Nazeer did not learn of this until after he returned to Barsaive from his travels around the world. Since the end of the Iopan War, he has devoted as much time as he can to his son, while working to keep him out of harms way.

To the rest of the world, Nazeer is known as a man who knows no fear. His fearless acrobatic exploits in battle, his devotion to the cause of freedom, and his selfless acts have reached legendary status, and he is regarded as one of the greatest heroes in Barsaive.

Privately, he is still quiet and soft spoken (at least until his anger is roused) and is rather “dense” when it comes to reading other people. He is especially dense when it comes to women, as both Yuriel and the other women in his life had to basically grab him by the arm and drag him off to bed. He has continued to remain somewhat oblivious to Valaria’s feelings for him, and Valaria has not pushed the subject, so as to avoid creating tension within the group.

Throughout his career, Nazeer wielded a pair of swords he Named Seeker and Striker. These two weapons were reworked Theran broadsword and shortsword respectively, and the hilts of both are decorated with trophies from Nazeer’s adventuring career. He also wielded the Elven broadsword Serpentsbane, which was the dragonslaying sword wielded by his grandfather Vargas in the ancient wars against the Great Dragons.

During the Battle of Aras Nehem, Nazeer and the rest of the Passion’s Champions willingly sacrificed their very existences to destroy the Horror Ristul, who was the source of the corruption of the Mad Passions. They succeeded in destroying Ristul and cleansing the Passions, and for his sacrifice Nazeer was brought back to the world of the living as the Passion of Exploration and Discovery, and he now stands over all those who look to the horizon and wonder what lies beyond.

Nazeer is portrayed by Scott Mechlowicz.

GM Comments:

Nazeer’s destiny has always been about him being an immortal Great Elf. Even in the early days of the game, I would occasionally have him do something amazing when he rolled a huge critical success when using a talent. This was to drop the hint that Nazeer was actually manifesting Great Elf powers without realizing it. As with all the PCs, it seemed that they subconsciously knew what their characters really were, as Alex played Nazeer as though he had no regard for his life, as though on a certain level he knew he was immortal. I sometimes worried that Nazeer would actually die before I had intended for him to, thus throwing my story plan for a loop. However, the dice and the players all fit it together as though they somehow knew what I was planning, and the moment of Nazeer’s death, which I had also tried to cleverly engineer, ended up being by Alex’s choice and the dice fell exactly as they were meant to, putting him something like 60 points past his death rating.

When he learned the truth, he ran with it, and it’s been very rewarding to see Alex’s constant interest in exploring Nazeer’s “lost” family and his cultural roots. He is making plans for what Nazeer will do with the rest of his infinite years, and even making jokes about seeing Nazeer in Shadowrun.

Nazeer Narinian

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