Sigurd Shadowback

Human Warrior and Weaponsmith


Sigurd Shadowback was born to a nomad tribe in the wild lands of Vasgothia. He spent his youth training as a fighter in the tribe, and learning of arms and armor from his adopted father, a Weaponsmith Adept. When the Passion’s Champions journeyed to Barsaive and stirred up rebellion against the Theran Empire, Sigurd’s people joined under the Banner of the Crow and fought alongside the other nomad clans. Sigurd’s adopted father was slain by the Therans, but Sigurd took up his father’s sword and continued to fight.

When the Passion’s Champions left Vasgothia unannounced, Sigurd tried to track them down and join them. He got almost as far north and east as Causoban, but was captured by slavers and remained a prisoner until Causoban was destroyed, and the slavers riverboat was shattered by the rushing waters. Sigurd escaped for a short time but was captured again by the Chief Slaver. Fortunately, Nazeer and Trostlos encountered their encampment and attacked, freeing Sigurd and the other slaves. Sigurd reclaimed his sword from the Chief Slaver, and fought alongside the Passion’s Champions against the remaining slavers, finally manifesting his powers as a Warrior Adept. The Passions Champions invited him to join them, and he has adventured with them ever since.

Sigurd has adopted a unique style of combat. He is a towering mountain of a man, nearly as tall as an Ork, but is not very nimble on his feet. However, he has mastered the technique of maneuvering himself so that any blow that comes at him strikes his armor and glances off. This has made Sigurd invaluable in battle, shrugging off hits that would send a normal Name-giver reeling.

Sigurd’s blade, Nar Shadder Krievt, is a two-handed greatsword and was his adopted father’s Heartblade. After defeating Maxwell Silverhammer, Sigurd finished him by driving the sword into his heart, and it absorbed some of the dying Drake’s power. Sigurd has made a point of finishing any other powerful enemies in the same way, and Nar Shadder Krievt has grown more powerful each time.

Sigurd is regarded as one of the greatest heroes in Barsaive. After the Iopan War, Sigurd accepted the title of Baron from King Neden in gratitude for his courage and valor during the war. His exploits with the Passion’s Champions during the Iopan War brought him great acclaim, and a group calling themselves the Iron Guard devoted themselves to his unique fighting style and to emulating his great deeds in battle. Rather than let this group fumble through their training, Sigurd stepped in and took a direct hand in their growth and martial studies, and has shaped them into an elite fighting force fiercely loyal to Throal.

After the Iopan War, Sigurd adopted the Discipline of the Weaponsmith, and has began working towards crafting a suit of Heart Armor, in place of the traditional Heart Blade. He finally completed the work after finding The Forge of Upandal, and now wears the armor he Named Faith’s Redemption.

During the Battle of Aras Nehem, Sigurd and the rest of the Passion’s Champions willingly sacrificed their very existences to destroy the Horror Ristul, who was the source of the corruption of the Mad Passions. They succeeded in destroying Ristul and cleansing the Passions, and for his sacrifice Sigurd was brought back to the world of the living as the new Passion of Valor and Conflict, and he now stands over all those who revel in combat and the glory of the fight.

Sigurd is portrayed by Adam Baldwin.

Sigurd Shadowback

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