Tag: Obsidiman


  • Eisen

    Eisen is the star pupil of Master Yao Chengguang of Throal. He has advanced steadily in the Zhan-shi Discipline, and can often be found by Master Yao's side whenever trouble threatens the streets of Throal. For a while,

    Isam Derr

    Isam Derr is an Obsidiman Lightbearer who founded the Hunters of Throal after the Huari Rebellion. When it was revealed that King Neden had been marked by a Horror but managed to free himself of …

  • Obrulon

    Obrulon was an Obsidiman Nethermancer, and a former member of the Crimson Sash adventuring group. After the group split up, he retired to the outskirts of Samsara to continue following his Discipline. When the Therans attacked Samsara, he took in …

  • Nonrock Nehem

    Nonrock Nehem was a member of the Nehem liferock brotherhood, living peacefully with his brothers on the land surrounding their liferock in the years preceding the Scourge. One day, a Human approached them and asked to live among them, to learn of their …