Cara Fahd

In the centuries before the Scourge, the Ork nation of Cara Fahd was founded by Wudra Muntak, and lasted for nearly 240 years. Destroyed by wars and ambition, the shattered remains of the kingdom did not fare well during the Scourge, and much of the grand history and legacy of Cara Fahd was forgotten.

Centuries later, the Passions tasked Krathis Gron with rebuilding Cara Fahd and restoring it’s lost glory. During the Second Theran War, she gathered a group of Orks dedicated to her dream, united the various Ork scorcher bands under the banner of Cara Fahd and reclaimed the nation for all Orks everywhere. The rebuilding of this dream inspired hundreds of Orks to emigrate to the new nation, eager to participate in the rebuilding and rediscovery of their ancient heritage.

After the Second Theran War, Cara Fahd grew quickly, attracting merchants, farmers, traders and warriors from across Barsaive and across the world. High Chief Krathis Gron began to seek out adventurers and powerful champions willing to search the jungles and nearby mountains for relics of the ancient nation. Meanwhile, Theran agents and spies infiltrated her ranks, looking for a weakness they could exploit to bring down the fledgling nation.

The Passion’s Champions journeyed to Cara Fahd in search of adventure, and were hired on by the Citadel of Wurchauz to pursue a possible Theran spy. After proving their loyalty to Cara Fahd by rooting out the spies and capturing the agent before he could return to Vivane Province, Krathis and her advisers sent them on more and more tasks for the Ork Nation. Their continued success prompted her to grant them the title of Egrandu, or Protector of Cara Fahd, one of the few non-Orks to receive the title.

Eventually, the Passion’s Champions tracked down the location of the ancient Citadel of Tirthon, deep in the jungles of Cara Fahd, where they found that Zarass Icethought had become an avatar of the Mad Passion Dis. After a confrontation with Dis, she stormed off to the isle of Thera to build an army and return to Barsaive. Lochost asked Valaria to be his champion then, and she accepted his offer.

During the Iopan war, Krathis Gron was kidnapped by Flametongue, who intended to sell her into slavery in Vivane Province. The leaders of Cara Fahd knew that without Krathis, the nation would collapse into chaos, so they kept her disappearance a secret while desperately trying to find her. Eventually, the Passion’s Champions rescued her from the slavers and returned her quietly to Wurchauz. She immediately resumed command of the nation, and stabilized things enough that she was able to send The Buunda to aid Throal during the Battle of Bartertown.

Following the cataclysm that destroyed the isle of Thera, Cara Fahd was beset by a plague of undead, and a large percentage of the Ork nation’s populace has been turned into cadaver men, while the remaining living population has taken shelter in the fortress at Wurchauz.

Places in Cara Fahd:

Cara Fahd

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