The Theran province of Creana lies in the south-western part of the empire, and is it’s oldest ally. The Creanans have accepted the Theran occupation without struggle, and have profited handsomely from it.

When Lord Abbadon Rulinian kidnapped Phylinius Goldstar from Shosara, he took him to Creana to allow the Heavenherds to use him as an experimental subject. When [The Passions Champions | the Passion’s Champions]] found him, his soul had been cast into the Creanan underworld, there to be weighed by Sanep, the Passion of Judgement, and cast into the afterlife. They entered a portal to the netherrealms to find him, and found that a Horror had blocked the path of the souls who tried to reach Sanep, preventing them from passing to thier judgement. They defeated the Horror, gaining favor with Sanep who cast them from the Creanan afterlife but allowed them to take Phylinius’ soul with them. Upon returning to the material plane, Phylinius returned to life, and they quickly fled to Marac to avoid angering Sanep further.

GM Commentary:

Creana is basically the Earthdawn version of ancient Egypt, and while it has a lot of interesting things going on, I ultimately did not want to spend a lot of time there. Perhaps in a future game…

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