The province of Indrisia is the latest acquisition by the Empire, having been conquered only a short time before the Scourge. The people of Indrisia are divided culturally, each caste having their own heroes, legends, and versions of the Indrisian Passions. Their Passions are more distant than those of other lands, but they are embodied by Indrisian heroes, known as Thibomata. Each caste has their own Thibomata, although some are claimed by both, and fierce arguments and even fights can erupt over them.

The Therans have exploited every possible resource in Indrisia, and come down fiercely on any rebellion or revolution in the province. Consequently, the people are more cowed than in other provinces, where diplomatic attempts at conquest overrule military solutions much of the time. Indrisia is also a center for the slave trade, given the extremely large populations of the various cities of the region, and the indigenous “savage” population known as Pathalans that live in the Deep Forest that covers the center of the peninsula.

The people of Indrisia were well aware of the Scourge long before the Theran appeared in their lands, and were already prepared to weather it the way they always had: the holy men of the mountains had mastered a technique whereby they would project powerful positive emotions, acting in concert with each other to repel the Horrors from the entire province. The Indrisians had already weathered the last Scourge with this mystical technique, and had no need of Theran protections.

When The Passions Champions visited Indrisia, they repelled a Pathalan raid on a village Named Serra. The people of Serra were so blown away by the power wielded by the PCs they immediately declared them to be Thibomata, the first seen in generations. They were toasted and feted, and were eventually approached by Harish Bengali, who asked for their aid in rescuing his sister from Lanka, a mysterious city of Horrors in the Deep Forest.

Venturing into the forest, they encountered and destroyed a Pathalan camp, determining that they were dragon-worshipers of some kind. Moving deeper within, they began to find stranger ruins and obelisks, including a black stone that seemed to have dropped from the sky, and was acting as a portal that Horrors could pass through. They also discovered an abandoned Great Elf outpost, and accidentally awoke an ancient draconic construct, angering Hanuman The Monkey King. Hanuman initially refused to allow them to continue to Lanka, but eventually agreed after they destroyed a nest of Horrors threatening the jungle elsewhere.

Finally entering Lanka, they found the Horrors within were strangely tame and ignored them for the most part. They met the King of Lanka, a tiger-headed Horror Named Ravana, who graciously allowed them to take Harish’s sister and leave unmolested, much to the disturbance of Nazeer and Brimmel.

Back in Calcutana, they were approached by Dio Brokenkeys, an Iopan expatriate who had information on how to find the Heavenherd’s Sanctum. He also gave them a weapon that would be very effective against the Heavenherds – a vial of Nothing, a mysterious substance that could remove magic wherever it fell.

Upon entering the Sanctum, they made their way towards a strange tower and finally encountered Tyris Alstonius Medari, Valaria’s brother. Tyris froze time and attempted to convince Valaria to join him, but she refused and attacked him with the vial of Nothing, causing a magical backlash that snapped the Passion’s Champions across astral space and dumping them out in the ruins of Parlainth back in Barsaive.

Places in Indrisia:


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