The city of Iopos once stood in the furthest northwestern corner of Barsaive, a few miles east of the north reach of the Serpent River. It was founded before the scourge, and it’s leaders made it into a citadel to survive the Long Night.

During the Scourge, the leadership of Iopos was usurped by the Denairastas clan, who set themselves up as the absolute rulers of the city, controlling the people with an in-depth network of spies and informants, as well as their incredible magical power. During the Scourge, Nonrock Nehem attempted to defend the city from the Horrors, only to find his efforts overshadowed and even thwarted by the Denairastas clan. After the Scourge, the Denairastas came to be worshiped as living Passions, and few in the city would dare speak against them.

The Passion’s Champions first visited the city in chains, drug there after their capture by Mara Corovan. Their clones eventually escaped, making their way out of the city and to the plains outside before they were rescued by Captain Kā€™tanga and The Heart of Gold.

Years later, after the Passion’s Champions returned, they drove the Denairastas back across Barsaive, and the united armies of Barsaive laid siege to the city. The Denairastas defended it with powerful magic, but in the end their defenses fell to the Passion’s Champions and the Army of Scytha. Exploring the city, they found the answers to the mystery of their loyal Iopan doubles, and encountered Uhl Denairastas and the Great Dragon Denairastas himself. After Denairastas’ death, Brimmel commanded the Army of Scytha to raze the city, leaving nothing higher than 6 inches standing. The ruins of the city have been unoccupied since.

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