The city of Jerris is in western Barsaive, west of the Liaj Jungle and right on the edge of the Wastes. For years Jerris has been a center of airship production, responsible for creating most of the airships that ply the skies over Barsaive.

During the Second Theran War, the Denairastas moved into the city and usurped control of the government, installing Gellad Denairastas as the city’s governor. The Iopans then began pushing the airship builders to create ships for them, which drove several of them to form a rebellion against the Denairastas. Since most of Barsaive was recovering from the war, few governments were willing to intervene in the situation so the Resistance leaders had to send out their own agents, attempting to recruit whoever they could to help in the fight. Kos Steelgaze found The Passions Champions in Throal, and convinced them to come aid the resistance.

Chardis Morningfall directed the Passion’s Champions to collect some of Gellad’s pattern items, and he used them to assassinate the Iopan leader. However, this left Mara Corovan in command of the city, and she proved to be a much harsher ruler than Gellad had ever been. Chardis eventually asked the Passion’s Champions to return to Jerris and remove Mara as well, and they were nearly turned back on the resistance by Mara’s magic. However, with the aid of Charcoalgrin they managed to free themselves from her magic and return to her mansion, battle her minions and finally slay her, repelling the Iopan forces from the city and retaking it for the resistance. Chardis gave several gifts to the Passion’s Champions, and had a mural commissioned in their honor.

A few years later, the Passion’s Champions returned to Jerris, but this time they had been brainwashed by Denairastas. They assassinated the leadership and took the city by force, taking over the airship docks and turning them towards making a fleet of airships for Iopos. Any freelance or unaffiliated airships that docked there were also assimilated by the Iopans, including The Heart of Gold. Their captains and crews were imprisoned and tortured, and Iopan crews flew the vessels to all parts of Barsaive, using the reputation of the original owners to gain access where they might have been denied.

When the Passion’s Champions returned to Barsaive, they infiltrated Jerris, planning to overthrow the Iopan rulers. They were intercepted by Phylinius, who managed to fool them for a while before they saw through his ruse. A battle ensued, and while Brimmel Troddenfoot fought his clone in the streets, the Reavers descended into the city under the command of Nonrock. While the chaos spread throughout the city, Mara Corovan took to the skies, trying to escape the destruction and death, only to be pursued and finished off by The Passions Champions.

After the war, the Reavers retreated from the city and the residents moved back in, rebuilding what had been nearly destroyed. After a few years, Jerris had once again become the premier airship construction facility in Barsaive. However, after the fall of Thera, a swarm of winged Horrors attacked the city, slaying every Name-giver and building a tremendous hive of blackened bone in the middle of the city, reaching hundreds of feet into the air.

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