The city of Kratas is commonly known as The Thieves City in Barsaive, and rightly so. There was no central government in Kratas, only the influence wielded by the two most powerful gangs – Broocher’s Brood and The Force of the Eye, led by Garlthik One-Eye.

For years, the two sides fought to maintain a standstill in the city, with neither side able to gain an upper hand against the other. Finally, when the Iopoan forces were marching across Barsaive they stopped in Kratas, planning to use the city as a base from which to eventually assault Throal. Garlthik cut a deal with them, allowing them free use of the city in exchange for helping him finally root out Broocher’s Brood and gain full control of the city. The Denairastas were true to their word and within a week Garlthik was undisputed ruler of Kratas, and his first act was to grant the Iopans full use of the city as a military base.

During the Battle of Bartertown, when the Throalic Army with the aid of The Passions Champions and the Cara Fahd Elite Cavalry manged to push the Iopans back to their base camp, the besieged camp sent word back to Kratas to send forward the airships captured from Jerris to break the siege and flatten the attackers. Garlthik knew this was a pivotal moment in the campaign and secreted his best thieves on board the airships as they left. In flight, his agents hijacked and overwhelmed the airship crews, literally stealing the entire airship fleet out from under the noses of the Iopans and saving the day for Throal and her allies.

After the destruction of Thera, Garlthik, who was nearly 100 years old, finally died in his sleep. He left no heirs, and plans for ascension to the leadership of the Thieves City were quickly subsumed in the fighting that began, as each gang splintered into old rivalries and new, pitting them against each other for leadership of the city.

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