The province of Marac is in the southernmost section of the Empire, and is one of the earliest conquests of the Therans in the Selestrean Sea area. Marac is ruled by Sultans, each controlling a city in the province. The Sultan’s continue to rule at the whim of the Theran occupiers, and are supposed to act simply as managers of the Therans affairs in the province. In practice, the Sultans weild the same power they always have, and maintain a careful balancing act in keeping the Therans happy.

The people of Marac are divided into two groups: the city-dwelling al-hir, and the nomadic desert sufik. Tensions between the two groups have existed for centuries, but were mostly low key until the Theran occupation. The Heavenherds discovered that the Jinari spirits that led the sufik tribes could be enslaved and forced to power magical devices, leading to a series of raids against the sufik tribes, kidnapping their leaders. The sufik took this as an act of war, and began striking back at the Therans and their al-hir allies, attacking indiscriminately against both. The war has raged for decades now, and the Empire has committed a majority of their military forces in Marac to fight off the ever-growing power of the sufik tribes, who gladly fight to the death to defend and rescue their sacred leaders and advisers.

Within the cities, culture and learning are highly prized, and the al-hir have mastered the art of rhetoric, the art of speaking in circles to gain an insight into another’s true motivations. They have also mastered the sciences of mathematics, astronomy, and reason, using their learning to better the lives of all city dwellers.

Places in Marac:


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