The town of Ravenholm was a small Troll settlement in the north-eastern section of Barsaive. Not far from the Serpent River, it was a peaceful village of craftsmen and traders, specializing in woven goods and fine cloth.

When Trostlos Blut-Tanzer visited the town to check up on the status of a child he had arranged to be adopted, he found that the Invae had attacked and destroyed the town. He flew into a rage and Flametongue manifested, setting the town ablaze along with the Invae. Wrestling for control, he managed to flee from Ravenholm with some injuries and collapsed outside the town, to be found by The Passion’s Champions when they went in search of him.

Searching the town, they found that the Invae were far from gone, and the sole surviving Troll was driven mad by a Horror Mark Flametongue placed on him. Trostlos had no memory of this event, and thus it came as a surprise when the Troll attacked them, immediately following an assault by the Invae. Trapped in a ruined temple to the Passions, the PCs finally decided to make a break for it and escape the town. During this battle, Nonrock Nehem fell in combat with the Invae, and was presumed lost in the burning ruins of the building he died in.

GM Commentary:

The name Ravenholm is familiar to anyone who’s ever played Half-Life 2. I was in the middle of my fiftieth replaying when I decided to recreate the town for a scary session of ED. The Invae-possessed townsfolk had large tick-like Invae attached to their heads, controlling their actions while keeping them alive and screaming in agony while they attacked. The creepy effect of this did a good job duplicating the creepiness of the head-crab zombies from HL2 for the guys.

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