Reavers are corrupted and maddened Name-givers twisted by the Mad Passion Raggok. They are in a permanent state of rage and berserker fury, often taking out their rage on themselves. They mutilate and twist their flesh, causing tremendous pain and driving them to further madness. Reavers often embed their weapons into their bodies, jamming their knives and swords through their hands to prevent losing hold of them during combat. They excrete a black ichor from their wounds, which infects their victims with their madness and rage, spreading the taint to all they encounter.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered Reavers after their return to Barsaive during the Iopan War. Groups of Reavers would roam Barsaive randomly, attacking and killing all they encountered and swelling their numbers. They were led by powerful Questors of Raggok, determined to exacerbate the chaos and death of the war in the name of their Passion. Nonrock was also seen leading them in battle, when the Reavers attacked and nearly leveled the city of Jerris.

After the war, the Reavers seemed to vanish. Sightings of them dropped away to almost nothing, but after the destruction of the Great Isle of Thera, they returned in force, infecting nearly the entire population of Bartertown as well as other areas of Barsaive.

GM Commentary:

Reavers are obviously from the Firefly/Serenity universe. When I saw Serenity, my first thought was that the Reavers were Horror-marked. Learning about their origin drove that point home for me, and I kind of combined them with the zombie apocalypse imagery from Dawn of the Dead, making them infectious and increasing their danger.

Reavers tend to walk the line between maddened Name-givers and Horror Constructs. Technically speaking, Raggok could convert any Name-giver into a Horror Construct if he chose, and I have used them to sow confusion in the guys about whether or not they’re constructs and thus subject to the many powers and advantages they have. I have also used Reavers to illustrate the blurring of the line between Name-givers and Horrors.

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