The village of Samsara lay in the south-western corner of Barsaive, south of the Liaj Jungle and east of the Delaris Mountains. It was populated by a wide variety of Name-givers, mostly Humans, Elves, Trolls, and Dwarves. The few Orks that had lived there migrated to the Nation of Cara Fahd when Krathis Gron announced it’s rebirth.

The surrounding area was ideal for raising herd animals, and the village had a moderate amount of trade. They were small enough and distant enough that they never attracted the attention of the Crystal Raiders, and Ork Scorcher bands became fewer and fewer in the years following the founding of Cara Fahd.

After a Theran airship crash landed nearby, the pursuing kilas leveled the village under orders from Lord Abbadon, and only a handful of survivors escaped it’s razing. Years afterward, the area remained magically scarred by the devastation and no fire would burn where the village had stood. There was one exception to this – during Nazeer Narinian’s funeral, the Flame Arrow Valaria used to ignite the pyre stayed lit, allowing Nazeer to be cremated on his home ground.

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